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A year at the farm month by month

Young Cinderella pumpkin
Young Cinderella pumpkin

Each month on the farm has its own character and feel. After a few years, you start to feel the cycle turn. Every year is different, but much remains similar year after year. As the weather changes so do our tasks and workload. As our crops are planted, tended, and harvested, the population of staff and visitors on the farm ebbs and flows. I enjoy each month as it comes, and anticipate the events of the next.

I have selected one photograph from each month in 2014 to symbolize that month. Each year shares the same themes, but the details change. Continue reading A year at the farm month by month

Farm & Field: November & December

This is my final monthly review of the farm for 2014, combining the months of November and December. November starts out with a hard push to get the fields ready for winter before the rains render the fields too wet to enter with the tractors.

Canada geese in corn maze field
Canada geese in corn maze field

After a couple of weeks the workload slows down considerably, and I switch modes to winter maintenance and planning and preparing for the next farm year.

The farm closes on the last day of October, Continue reading Farm & Field: November & December

The Raised Spiral Herb Garden at Dr. Maze’s Lavender Labyrinth

The Raised Spiral Herb Garden
Our new raised spiral herb garden

I have been searching for an interesting installation for the center of our Lavender Labyrinth. When I saw some photos of spiral gardens I knew that a raised spiral herb garden would be just the right addition to our labyrinth.

The Spiral Garden invites exploration. It looks different from every angle. The garden bed ramps up, so many of the plants are raised off the ground and are easier to see and tend.

The simple spiral of the garden echos the ever-inward meandering path of the surrounding Lavender Labyrinth. Continue reading The Raised Spiral Herb Garden at Dr. Maze’s Lavender Labyrinth

Ten Highlights of 2013

Honeybee on a straw flower in the Kids Garden
Honeybee on a straw flower in the Kids Garden

I chose just ten highlights to discuss from the many stories of 2013 at Dr. Maze’s Farm. Since I have combined them all into one post, the post is very long. They are listed in alphabetical order.  Read on to learn about the Giant Chair, naked seed pumpkins, distillations, our labyrinth, the big Goat Walk field maze, and more.

Continue reading Ten Highlights of 2013