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What is all the fuss about lavender?

In the lavender at Dr. Maze's Farm
Lavender up close.

Many folks love lavender. Others wonder what is all the fuss? What makes lavender different from all the other fragrant and pretty flowers? There are many ways to enjoy lavender.  In addition to displaying bunches of cut lavender stems, we find other uses for the stems, as well as the flower buds, lavender essential oil, and the flower water, or hydrosol of lavender.

Lavender has an engaging fragrance that is beloved by many. That is enough reason to grow and use lavender, but looking deeper, we find that lavender is a complex and multi-faceted plant with many uses.
I would like to touch on some highlights here, but many of these topics demand more discussion. Watch the blog for more upcoming postings about lavender. Each paragraph here could someday be the start of a separate entry. Let me know what most interests you about lavender. Here starts our whirlwind tour:

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