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Farm & Field: September & October

We work all hard year round to prepare the farm for our big season, September and October. On the farm in September we are concentrating on harvesting winter squash and gourds, starting to prepare the fields for winter, and gearing up for pumpkin season.

Strolling through the Maze
Strolling through the Maze

September usually has better weather as Summer transitions into Fall. The maze paths are dry and the big sunflowers are at their peak. Even so, October has the force of tradition that keeps people waiting for their farm visits.

This is a bit of a retrospective look back at some of the highlights of September and October at Dr. Maze’s Farm.

In September we prepare for the big Pumpkin Patch season. We start selling the Jack o  Lantern pumpkins the last week of September for the early bird Halloween celebrants. Continue reading Farm & Field: September & October

Farm and Field Today: August

August is a transitional month here at the farm. The planting is done and we are starting to focus on our big fall season. The days are long and hot, but our minds are looking ahead to October, when most of our visitors come to the farm. In addition to the fall Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze, and other fall activities, we also greet quite a few kids and teachers to our Pumpkin Farm Tours.

I am writing this in January instead of late August as I intended. Although I took the photographs, I somehow never found the time to write this up. Here is a bit of what happened on the farm in August.

Theodora & Lucy - Angora goats
Theodora & Lucy – Angora goats

We expanded our little herd with two Angora goats, Theodora and Lucy. Yes, these are goat and not sheep. And yes, these are the animals that produce the luxurious Angora wool. Continue reading Farm and Field Today: August

Two Big Weekends of Celebrating Lavender

In the lavender at Dr. Maze's Farm
Lavender up close.

The lavender fields are beginning to show a purple haze. As summer arrives, our lavender plants are getting ready to flower. By the middle of July, the lavender will be a peak bloom. Come join us July 11-13 and 18-20 for two big weekends of celebrating lavender. Continue reading Two Big Weekends of Celebrating Lavender

The Raised Spiral Herb Garden at Dr. Maze’s Lavender Labyrinth

The Raised Spiral Herb Garden
Our new raised spiral herb garden

I have been searching for an interesting installation for the center of our Lavender Labyrinth. When I saw some photos of spiral gardens I knew that a raised spiral herb garden would be just the right addition to our labyrinth.

The Spiral Garden invites exploration. It looks different from every angle. The garden bed ramps up, so many of the plants are raised off the ground and are easier to see and tend.

The simple spiral of the garden echos the ever-inward meandering path of the surrounding Lavender Labyrinth. Continue reading The Raised Spiral Herb Garden at Dr. Maze’s Lavender Labyrinth

Sammamish Valley Celebrations

Sammamish Valley Celebrates Spring 2014 poster
Sammamish Valley Celebrates Spring 2014 poster

Dr. Maze’s Farm is joining with other Sammamish Valley farms to welcome you to join our Sammamish Valley Celebrations, seasonal events created to share our beautiful valley with the community and our visitors.

Each farm is different and presents its own characteristic events and activities. You can hop from one farm to the next or spend your time at just one or two. There is something for everyone.

Continue reading Sammamish Valley Celebrations