Expectant goat

The Return of the Blog!

Why would you want to follow yet another blog? And why do I want to go to the effort of writing one?

Expectant goat
Our goat Tille knows what she expects from me. Food and back scratches.

The short version:

I have stories I want to tell that I believe you will find interesting and that are best suited to a blog.

The long version:

To answer those questions, I would like to first delve into some farm history. Back in the old days of the South 47 Farm I wrote a farm blog titled “A visit with Farmer Roger.” I put up lots of photos, shared some seasonal observations about working on the farm, gave some how-to lessons, and generally tried to share with the readers what life as a farmer is like and what they might expect when they came to visit the farm. We also put out a sporatic farm newsletter to share announcements of upcoming events and crops.

When we started Dr. Maze’s Farm, I put the farm blog aside in favor of the farm newsletter, combining the roles of the blog and the newsletter.  I also started up a farm Facebook page as a place to share some of the photos and interesting happenings on the farm. This was part of my effort to simplify my To-Do list.

After a few years without the blog I have come to realize that I am not satisfied with this solution. All my newsy letters introducing the newsletters went out to mailboxes and then dissapeared. I wanted to collect them on the website, but it seemed too cumbersome to do within the usual website format. Plus I had no place to share all those behind-the-scenes stories and how-and-why-we-farm-the-way-we-do stories.

So, back to a straightforward newsletter announcing the news, and a farm blog to tell the stories.

Our email newsletter will be shorter and more to the point.  It will have calendar and event announcements, give the first few sentences and a link to blog entries, and make short announcements about exciting new developments at the farm. The farm blog will have more detail, more stories, more philosophy and musings, and more photos.

(We will talk about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest on another day.)

I am writing this on the very first day the blog is online. If you find this in the early days you should expect to see lots of changes as I move things, add stuff, and change the layout.

I welcome your suggestions on topics you would like me to address.

If you want to follow the blog, I suggest you sign up for our email newsletter, where I will be notifying readers about new entries.

So sit back and join with me in the triumphs and tribulations of farming on the urban fringe.

Roger Calhoon
AKA “Dr. Maze” and “Farmer Roger”