Sammamish Valley Celebrations

Sammamish Valley Celebrates Spring 2014 poster
Sammamish Valley Celebrates Spring 2014 poster

Dr. Maze’s Farm is joining with other Sammamish Valley farms to welcome you to join our Sammamish Valley Celebrations, seasonal events created to share our beautiful valley with the community and our visitors.

Each farm is different and presents its own characteristic events and activities. You can hop from one farm to the next or spend your time at just one or two. There is something for everyone.

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Seedling Season

It is Seedling Season here on the farm.  The starts house is filling up with trays of tiny, growing plants that will soon be planted out into our fields.

ordering seeds
Ordering seeds

At the turn of the year I gather up all the new seed catalogs and chose the crop varieties I want for the year. I consider what grew well, what sold well, how to mix things up so any one failure would be balanced by another success, and what strrikes my fancy. Looking at my records of what we grew in the past years, I make the decisions on what to grow and how many of each.

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Ten Highlights of 2013

Honeybee on a straw flower in the Kids Garden
Honeybee on a straw flower in the Kids Garden

I chose just ten highlights to discuss from the many stories of 2013 at Dr. Maze’s Farm. Since I have combined them all into one post, the post is very long. They are listed in alphabetical order.  Read on to learn about the Giant Chair, naked seed pumpkins, distillations, our labyrinth, the big Goat Walk field maze, and more.

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